Sala 422 10:00 #
Josua Unger

mgr Josua Unger

Promotor: Prof. dr hab. Jerzy Kowalski-Glikman

Quantum Groups and Asymptotic Symmetries

I recenzent: Prof. dr hab. Jerzy Lewandowski

II recenzent: Prof dr hab. Andrzej Sitarz

This thesis is devoted to the study of Lie bialgebra and Hopf algebra structures related to certain versions of non-commutative geometry constructed on infinite-dimensional Lie algebras that arise in the context of asymptotic symmetries of spacetime. We prove a number of theorems about cohomology groups that aid the classification of the Lie bialgebras and explicitly construct and analyze selected Hopf algebras. Particularly interesting behavior was found by studying the contraction limit of spacetimes with cosmological constant and the inclusion of central charges on the level of Lie bialgebras and Hopf algebras. Phenomenological consequences, like deformed in-vacuo dispersion relations, known from the study of κ-Poincar ́e quantum groups, are investigated. Furthermore, we examine how a new proposal in the context of the black hole information loss paradox and counterarguments against it are affected.
recenzja - prof. dr hab. Jerzy Lewandowski
recenzja - prof. dr hab. Andrzej Sitarz