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Sala 60 12:00 

Michael Bussmann, HZDR & CASUS Görlitz, Germany

From data to understanding: The Center for Advanced Systems Understanding (CASUS)

Research is driven by data that is not yet understood. This is apparent in fundamental research. Yet, our understanding of real life phenomena opens up a new view on what it means to understand data. Today, we are facing a wealth of highly detailed, high quality scientific data from large scale research facilities, observatories, sensor arrays or satellites. At the same time, Exascale computing opens up new paths to simulate these systems including all the details we find in our observations. This introduces a new challenge, namely mastering complexity. This is already visible in the rise of Artificial Intelligence methods. Yet, we are faced with a situation where the human understanding of the interrelation of the interacting parts in a complex system require new digital methods to understand their structure and dynamics. In this talk we cover some examples on how digital methods can help to shed new light on highly complex systems and how developing these methods can foster interdisciplinary research.

Presentation (pdf)