Sala 422 14:15 
Seminarium Doktoranckie

Aleksandr Dubinin

Mott-⁠hadron resonance gas in effective QCD and a "toy" model

A quark-meson-diquark plasma is considered within the PNJL model for dynamical chiral symmetry breaking and restoration in quark matter. Based on a generalized Beth-Uhlenbeck approach to mesons and diquarks we present the thermodynamics of this system including the Mott dissociation of mesons and diquarks at finite temperature. On this basis we construct a "toy" model for the generic behaviour of hadron masses and phase shifts at finite temperature which shares basic features with a recently developed PNJL model for correlations in quark matter. We obtain the transition between a hadron resonance gas phase and the quark gluon plasma in the spirit of the generalized Beth-Uhlenbeck approach where the Mott dissociation of hadrons is encoded in the hadronic phase shifts. In this seminar I will compare our two models and explain the input of quark masses in the "toy" model.