Sala 422 12:15 
Seminarium Instytutu

mgr Aneta Wojnar

Inflationary cosmology with Chaplygin gas in Palatini formalism

We present a simple generalisation of the LCDM model which on the one hand reaches very good agreement with the present day experimental data and provides an internal inflationary mechanism on the other hand. It is based on Palatini modified gravity with quadratic Starobinsky term and generalized Chaplygin gas as a matter source providing, besides a current accelerated expansion, the epoch of endogenous inflation driven by type III freeze singularity. The dynamics is reduced to the 2D sewn dynamical system of a Newtonian type. For this aim we use dynamical system theory. We classify all evolutional paths in the model as well as trajectories in the phase space. We demonstrate that the presence of a degenerate freeze singularity (glued freeze type singularities) is a generic feature of early evolution of the Universe.