Tomasz Bednarz

Four hats: engineering, art, science and design

This presentation will showcase various projects that I was part of, at the Kyushu University, James Cook University, CSIRO and now at the QUT. There won't be a particular focus, as I rather prefer to show wide range of capabilities and use cases, that could be later further discussed, and possibly initiate collaborations. I will pick up few examples, that could be of interest to scientific community. So, please join, if you want to hear about flying frogs, how to make zero-gravity in terrestrial environments, see how diurnal temperature influences exchange flows in reservoirs, how to measure temperature non-invasively, how to build interactive tele-operating systems, how to prepare and build human-computer interaction experiments, generate 360 degrees panorama. Also, how to use PDEs and GPUs to detect cancer from micro CT-scans, how to build Virtual Laboratory that runs in clouds and executes wide range of image analysis and image processing operations, how to look at modern big data analytics, visual analytics and visualisation frameworks, and at the end how to connect design, art, science and engineering together.