prof. dr hab. D. Blaschke (IFT)

Three-fluid hydro based event simulation for collisions at NICA and FAIR energies

I describe a new event generator that is based on a three-fluid hydrodynamics description of the early stage of the collision, followed by a particlization at the chemical freeze-out to join a UrQMD "afterburner" accounting for hadronic final state interactions and a GEANT simulation of the detector response. I present first results for the FAIR/NICA energy scan ($sqrt{s_{NN}}=4-11$ GeV) addressing the directed flow of protons and pions as well as the proton rapidity distribution for two model EoS, with and without a first order phase transition. The new program has the unique feature that it can describe a hadron-to-quark matter transition of first order which proceeds in the baryon stopping regime that is not accessible to previous simulation programs designed for higher energies and assuming transparency of the colliding nuclei.