On Monday!!! - Prof. Teiji Kunihiro (Kyoto Univ.)

On Monday!!! Precursory Phenomena of QCD Phase Transitions in Hot and Dense Matter

The talk consists of two parts. In the first part, I discuss possible scenarios of the way how chiral restoration manifest itself in the spectral functions in hadron channels, partly based on our recent work (P.Gubler, T.K. and S.H.Lee, PLB767(2017),336. The second part is devoted to clarifying the nature and the properties of the soft mode of the QCD Z2 critical point(CP) on the basis of the functional renormalization group method (FRG). It is shown that the spectral function in the scalar channel shows a tachyonic behavior at finite momenta prior to the CP, which is interpreted to suggest that the assumed equilibrium state is unstable toward a stated with an inhomogeneous chiral condensate. This part is based on the following two papers by the same authors: T.Yokota, T.K. and K.~Morita, PTEP(2016) no.7, 073D01; arXiv:1707.05520 [hep-ph].