Sala 60 12:15 
Seminarium Instytutu

dr Tomasz Wasak, UW

"Quantum interferometry with ultracold atomic gases"

Creation of ultracold atomic ensembles triggered the studies of fundamental aspects of quantum mechanics. In manybody systems, the ability to generate non-classical correlations between atoms opened the possibility for their practical applications in non-trivial ways, for example in quantum computation or quantum-enhanced metrology. However, before the implementation stage, we must first make sure that the entanglement is present in the system, which is often a difficult task. In this talk, I will describe experiments that were conducted to verify existence of non-classical correlations in ultracold atomic systems. I will describe criterions by which the nonclassicality was certified, and how these measures are related to interferometry. In a special class of experiments, two groups of atoms are produced in which the non-classicality stems from indistinguishability between pairs of particles. I will show how these correlated pairs of atoms are generated, and how they can be used for quantum-enhanced interferometry or fundamental tests of quantum mechanics, like the violation of Bell's inequality.