Sala 422 12:15 
Seminarium Instytutu

prof. dr hab. Adam Miranowicz, UAM

Circuit-⁠QED: Microwave photonics with superconducting quantum circuits

In the past 20 years, impressive progress has been made both experimentally and theoretically in superconducting quantum circuits, which provide a platform for manipulating microwave photons. This emerging field of circuit quantum electrodynamics (circuit-⁠QED) has been driven by the observation of many new interesting phenomena. For instance, the interaction between superconducting quantum circuits and single microwave photons can reach the regimes of strong, ultra-⁠strong, and even deep-⁠strong coupling. Many higher-⁠order effects, unusual and less familiar in traditional cavity QED with natural atoms, have been experimentally observed, e.g., giant Kerr effects, multi-⁠photon processes, and single-⁠atom induced bistability of microwave photons. These developments may lead to improved understanding of the counterintuitive properties of quantum mechanics, and speed up applications ranging from microwave photonics to superconducting quantum information processing [1]. In this talk, I will review experimental and theoretical progress in this rapidly developing field. [1] X. Gu, A. F. Kockum, A. Miranowicz, Y.-⁠X. Liu, and F. Nori: Microwave photonics with superconducting quantum circuits, Physics Reports 718–719 (2017) 1–102.