Sala 422 12:15 
Seminarium Instytutu

dr hab. Jarosław Korbicz, CFT PAN

Spectrum Broadcast Structures And Quantum Origins Of Objectivity

I will present an overview of a recently introduced tool for analysis of open quantum systems and decoherence processes called Spectrum Broadcast Structures (SBS). These are multipartite quantum states, originating from the quantum Darwinism idea of W. H. Zurek, and of a surprisingly simple form but with a surprisingly far reaching and potentially fundamental importance. I will first discuss SBS on an a general level and present their intimate connection to the problem of objectivity in quantum mechanics, as one of the aspects of the quantum-to-classical transition. Then, I will overview appearances of SBS in well known quantum open dynamics models. Finally, I will comeback to general considerations and will discuss how SBS can help better understand the measurement problem in quantum mechanics.