Diana Alvear Terrero (IFT)

Modelling anisotropic magnetised White Dwarfs with $gamma$ metric

Magnetic fields introduce an anisotropy in compact stars' equations of state by splitting the pressure into two components, one parallel and the other perpendicular to the magnetic field. This suggests the necessity of using structure equations accounting for the axial symmetry of the magnetised system. We consider an axially symmetric metric in spherical coordinates, the $gamma$-metric, and construct a system of equations to describe the structure of spheroidal compact objects. In this way, we connect the geometrical parameter $gamma$ linked to the spheroid's radii, with the source of the anisotropy. So, the model relates the shape of the compact object to the physics thatdetermines the properties of the composing matter. To illustrate how our structure equations work, we obtain the mass-radii solutions for magnetised White Dwarfs.