Mahboubeh Shahrbaf (University of Teheran, Iran)

Using a variational method to study nuclear matter, hyper nuclear matter and neutron stars

We investigate the equation of state of nuclear matter, hyper nuclear matter and compact stars within our variational method. Chemical potentials of nucleons in asymmetric nuclear matter are calculated in a completely self-consistent manner, using the lowest order constrained variational (LOCV) method. Employing different nucleon–nucleon potentials, threshold density of free hyperons formation and the maximum mass of hypernuclear star are determined. Furthermore, the particles fraction in beta stable and charge neutral matter is calculated as well. The effects of three-body force (TBF) on the onset of hyperons, particle composition and maximum mass of the star are discussed. On the basis of this method which is reformulated by using two-body central potentials for Λ-N and Λ-Λ interaction that were determined so as to reproduce the experimental data on single- and double-Λ hypernuclei, the equation of state of hyper nuclear matter is found for the first time in this method. Calculation of correlation functions for N-Y and Y-Y interaction for each JLSTMT-channel is done for the first time as well.