Sala 412 12:15 
Seminarium Zakładu Fizyki Neutrin

Sebastian Trojanowski (University of Sheffield, UK & NCBJ, Poland)

Detecting and Studying High-Energy Collider Neutrinos with FASER at the LHC

Neutrinos are copiously produced at particle colliders, but no collider neutrino has ever been detected. Colliders, and particularly hadron colliders, produce both neutrinos and anti-neutrinos of all flavors at very high energies, and they are therefore highly complementary to those from other sources. In this talk, I will discuss the recently approved Forward Search Experiment (FASER) at the Large Hadron Collider, which is ideally located to provide the first detection and study of collider neutrinos during the upcoming LHC Run 3 from 2021-23. With mean neutrino energies of 600 GeV to 1 TeV, FASER will measure neutrino cross sections at energies where they are currently unconstrained, will bound models of forward particle production, and could open a new window on physics beyond the standard model. I will also discuss some theoretical uncertainties and challenges in modeling neutrino production and interactions relevant for the FASER experiment.