Sala team 12:15 
Seminarium Instytutu

dr Giacomo Rosati, IFT UWr

Testing quantum spacetime with gamma-ray-burst neutrinos and photons

In some models of quantum-gravity-inspired quantum spacetimes, relativistic symmetries are modified (deformed or broken) at the Planck scale, so that spacetime itself might behave like a dispersive medium for particle propagation (in-vacuo dispersion). The long (cosmological) distance traveled by ultra-relativistic particles emitted by transient astrophysical sources could provide a huge source of amplification for the tiny (Planckian) effects, offering a precious opportunity for experimental tests. I discuss recent results that, combining observations of astrophysical neutrino, supposedly emitted by gamma-ray-bursts (GRB), and GRB-photons, show how the same feature could apply over a wide range of energies.