Sala I-net 12:00 
Seminarium Instytutu

Giacomo Rosati, Tomasz Pawłowski

GR: Quantum spacetime symmetries: between theory and phenomenology of quantum gravity
TP: Cosmological perturbations and black hole singularities in loop quantization

Giacomo Rosati
I will present the recently (OPUS17) awarded project "Quantum Gravity and Deformed Quantum Fields", written in joint collaboration with prof. Kowalski- Glikman. The project is at the interface between more fundamental approaches to quantum gravity and quantum gravity phenomenology. The study of deformed relativistic symmetries characterizing quantum field theories on the emerging (noncommutative) quantum spacetime bridging the two.

Tomasz Pawłowski
I will briefly present the research line I represent - search for physical predictions on loop quantum cosmology/gravity in context of recently awarded project NCN OPUS "Cosmological perturbations and black hole singularities in loop quantization".