Sala 422 12:15 
Seminarium Instytutu

Dmitry Zhuridov

Neutrinos in Heaven and on Earth: from Baryogenesis to Monte Carlo Generation

Personal achievements of the speaker in the neutrino physics since Ph.D. defence will be outlined. In this retrospective, neutrinos are considered as an invisible bridge connecting cosmological theories and particle physics experiments. First, cosmological aspects of neutrinos such as the baryogenesis and the dark matter in the universe with their relation to the involved neutrino properties will be discussed. Then several tests aimed to improve our knowledge of the known neutrino properties and discover the new ones will be reviewed, in particular, experiments on high-energy particle collisions, rare decays of nuclei, neutrino oscillations, etc. A particular role of the Monte Carlo generation that connects neutrino theory to experiment will be pointed out.