Eric Lescano, Ruđer Bošković Institut (Zagreb, Croatia)

Statistical matter coupled to the (double) geometry

This talk will be about cosmology and string theory and it will have two parts. In the first one we will review the inclusion of statistical matter in Riemannian geometries. Our starting point will be the Einstein equation and we will focus on energy-momentum tensors that depend on hydrodynamics/thermodynamics variables, such as the perfect fluid. We will derive conservation laws considering relativistic kinetic theory. We will finish this part with a quick introduction to the low energy limit of string theory (supergravity) and its Double Field Theory (DFT) rewriting. In the second part of the talk we will include statistical matter in DFT (based on 2003.09588), we will construct the energy-momentum tensor for the perfect fluid in the double geometry (based on 2111.03682) and finally we will discuss about the relation between string cosmologies, DFT cosmologies and alpha'-corrections (based on 2207.04041).