Sala 163 12:15 
Seminarium Instytutu

Igor Pronin, Phys.-Technical Institute, Petersburg

Surface crystallography via incoherent medium-energy electron diffraction

(W sali Rzewuskiego w ramach sympozjum na cześć prof. Stefana Mroza z okazji 70. urodzin.) In this lecture, I will consider the principles of incoherent medium-energy electron diffraction to demonstrate that spatial distributions of backscattered electrons image the symmetry of near-surface layer in real space. It will be shown as well that Single scattering cluster (SSC) approximation can be used to simulate the measured patterns and quantitative information concerning the near-surface atomic structure can be obtained from the comparison of theoretical and experimental profiles via reliability factors. The experimental apparatus which allows to investigate the near-surface structure in real time will be also described. Finally, several applications of the technique will be presented to illustrate its advantages.