1. dr hab Dariusz Prorok 2. mgr Carlos Pena

1. J/Psi absorption in a multi-component hadron gas: from SPS to RHIC;2. Quantum Harmonic Oscillato

1. A model for anomalous J/Psi suppression in high energy heavy ion collisions is presented. As the additional suppression mechanism beyond standard nuclear absorption inelastic J/Psi scattering with hadronic matter is considered. Hadronic matter is modeled as an evolving multi-component gas of point-like non-interacting particles. The longitudinal and transverse expansion of the gas is taken into account. It is shown that under these conditions the resulting J/Psi suppression pattern agrees well SPS and RHIC data. 2. The Dynamical origin of the J/psi suppression in ultrarelativistic nucleus-nucleus collisions is studied focusing on the formation mechanism of heavy quark bound state. An interesting mechanism proposed by T. Matsui makes use of a schematic harmonic oscillator model for the intermediate and final cbar bound states where the distortion of charmonium formation amplitude is due to the deconfined enviorement. I will present a short introduction to this quantum mechanical model and its possible contribution to the understanding of J/psi suppression in NA50 and NA60 experiments.