Sala 422 14:15 
Seminarium Zakładu Fizyki Neutrin

Luis Alvarez-Ruso (Universidade de Coimbra, Portugal)

Neutrino-induced quasielastic scattering from a theoretical perspective

A good knowledge of neutrino-nucleus interactions in the quasielastic region is crucial for the precise determination of neutrino properties in oscillation experiments. These interactions are also a valuable source of information about the nuclear response in the axial sector and, provided that nuclear effects are under control, about the axial structure of the nucleon. New experimental studies, in particular the large charged-current quasielastic scattering cross section obtained by MiniBooNE, are challenging our understanding of this reaction. I will review some of the present theoretical approaches to this process and possible interpretations of the new experimental results. It is also discussed how the extensive experimental information available on electron scattering can (and should) be used to test and constrain neutrino-nucleus scattering models.