Sala 422 14:15 
Seminarium Instytutu

Prof. Larry McLerran, Brookhaven National Laboratory, USA

Quarkyonic Matter and the Phase Diagram of QCD

Seminarium wyjątkowo we wtorek o godzinie 14:15 Gość zaproszony przez prof. Ludwika Turko At low temperatures and baryon number densities, matter is confined into hadrons. At high temperatures, matter becomes deconfined into quarks and gluons. Quarkyonic Matter is matter at very high baryon density and low temperatures. Its existence may be strongly argued in QCD in the limit of a large number of colors. In Quarkyonic matter, the potential between quarks remains linear at long distances, even when baryon densities are parametrically larges compared to that set by the QCD scale. Quark and antiquark pairs and gluons are bound in to color singlet states, while the quark Fermi sea is well approximated as an ideal gas of quarks. Chiral symmetry breaking (the symmetry breaking that gives the nucleon its mass)is broken in a translationally non-invariant mode, the Chiral Spiral. Hints for the existence of such matter may have been seen in heavy ion collisions at CERN-SPS and the AGS, and might have consequences for new experiments being done at the RHIC accelerator.