prof. David Blaschke

The dense matter EoS from compact stars

After a short introduction to modern observations of compact stars (CS), which concern different astrophysical objects such as pulsars, double neutron stars, accreting low-mass X-ray binaries etc., we consider the plans to extract the cold dense equation of state (EoS) from CS mass and radius measurements. In the near future the NASA International X-ray Observatory (IXO) project shall deliver such data with 5% accuracy and thus provide a benchmark for the T=0 EoS which will play a similar role as the zero-density EoS from Lattice QCD. We will outline the current status of research towards a quantum field theoretical approach to the EoS of dense quark matter with special emphasis on color superconducting quark matter phases and the contributions from our group which is part of the research networking programme "The New Physics of Compact Stars - CompStar" (2008-2013) of the European Science Foundation.