Sala 422 16:15 
Seminarium Zakładu Fizyki Neutrin

George C. Serbanut

Search for Possible Neutrino Radiative Decay and Monte Carlo Simulations in Modern Physics

Pursuing the idea of a possible radiative decay from neutrino mass damped oscillations, the experiment NOTTE searched for new limits on the lifetime of the heavy neutrino radiative decay. The speaker will cover all the essential parts involving the above experiment: the theoretical and experimental approaches, expectations versus results and conclusions. The theoretical predictions for NOTTE were achieved through basic Monte Carlo simulations. To understand why a *basic* Monte Carlo simulation was used and considering the impact of the method in the modern physics, the speaker will introduce the audience to general Monte Carlo simulations, from understanding its basic concept to the modern times development of the method, going through the main problems involving this method and their possible solutions.