1. Sanjin Benic (University of Zagreb), Croatia); 2. Sebastian Juchnowski (Wrocław)

1. Phase structure and EoS of the PDSE model; 2. Solving self consistent integral equations on the GPU

Abstract 1.: We examine chiral and deconfinement phase transitions at T>0 in a Polyakov loop Dyson-Schwinger equation (PDSE) model. We evaluate the EOS at T>0 for a separable gluon interaction, first without the Polyakov loop variable. It is shown that the Polyakov loop removes the pressure instability. The robustness of the obtained results is examined for a class of separable models. Abstract 2: Over the last years progress has been made in solving Dyson Schwinger Equations (DSE) in medium. However, solving these selfconsistent integral equations with sophisticated interaction kernels requires significant numerical efforts and computation times, in particular in medium interations. I will address these problems and illustrate how parallel code evaluation on the computers GPU can reduce the computation time significantly.