mgr Jakub Jankowski

Towards holographic Quarkyonic matter

Large N QCD matter at intermediate baryon densities and low temperatures has been conjectured to be in so called Quarkyonic phase. It is to have quark Fermi sea and on top of it confined spectrum of excitations. Motivated by exotic features characterizing this phase we study properties of cold baryonic matter in N_f=1 Sakai-Sugimoto model searching for holographic realisation of Qyarkyonic matter. We use simplified mean field description and focus on regime of parametrically large densities of the order of square of 't Hooft coupling as they lead to interesting physical effects. One of the is the occurrence of modes breaking translational invariance which were found in the deconfined phase of the model and turn out to be absent here. Other completely new phenomenon are density enhanced meson-baryon interactions which significantly affect vector and axial vector meson spectrum allowing for a qualitative interpretation of mesons as collective excitations of the medium.