Sala 422 14:10 
Seminarium Doktoranckie

Katarzyna Suska

Dissociation of charmonium bound states in the thermal medium

My work considered the "naive" charmonium model, which describes charmonia as the bound states of a charmed quark and its antiquark. In the nonrelativistic limit the quark-antiquark interaction is approximated by the potential which is the sum of Coulomb and linear parts. In the thermal medium the potential becomes screened. Within this model I described features of the three observed charmed quark-antiquark states. I analysed the influence of the temperature on such states, especially I found the temperatures above which the bound states can not exist. To achieve this I applied two popular finite difference methods for the eigenvalue problem, where eigenvalues and eigenvectors are solutions of the stationary Schrodinger equation with the above-mentioned potential.