dr Thomas Klaehn

CompOSE - CompStar Online Supernovae Equations of State

CompOSE is an online database dedicated to equations of state which can be applied in astrophysical simulations of neutron stars, supernovae and other systems which are characterized by the presence of dense, hot or cold matter. A typical problem for this kind of repositories arises from the variety of possible data formats to store the data. CompOSE addresses this problem and suggests a unified data format which is able to account for all possible data that might be provided by the developers of new EoS. In order to connect to existing code which has been developed for different data formats interpolation routines are provide to use CompOSE's data table as an input to write new tables in any desired format suited to the needs of the potential user. The seminar will present these and a few other features of CompOSE in more detail.