Michal Naskret

What is happening at CERN?

This is HoMPA seminar (prof. Kucharczyk/Dr. Klaehn) talk invited to be presented within Theory of Elementary Particles Division seminar. NB - no obligatory ties! We have all heard about the Large Hadron Collider experiment at CERN, but do we actually know what is happening there? Why is it important? Why there are two similar experiments at the Brookhaven National Laboratory and at the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research in Dubna? What happens when heavy ions collide? How can we describe heavy ion collisions[1]? What is the quark-gluon plasma and why is it important[2]? What is the hadron resonance gas model[3]? Why is the freeze-out interesting[4]? In my talk I will address all of those questions. I will also present my research topics [5] in the heavy ion collisions universe. References [1] J.I.Kapusta: "Finite- temperature field theory", CUP (1989). [2] K.Yagi, T.Hatsuda and Y.Miaki: "Quark-Gluon Plasma", CUP (2005). [3] J. Jankowski and D. Blaschke: "Chiral condensate in hadronic matter", PRD 87 (2013) 105018. [4] D. Blaschke, J. Berdermann, J. Cleymans and K. Redlich: "Chiral condensate and Mott-Anderson freeze-out", Few Body Syst. 53 (2012) 99. [5] D. Blaschke and M. Naskret, "Mott-Anderson freeze-out and the strange matter horn", in preparation (2014).