Maciej Lewicki, Michał Naskręt - IFT UWr

Time projection chambers (TPC) in the experiment NA61/SHINE: 1.Calibration of TPC with pulser tool 2. Krypton calibration of TPC

1. The pulser tool is used to scan the electronic response of each pad in a TPC chamber. Sending a short electric pulse through all the pads can give us an information about an electronic gain and time delay. Therefore primary goal of the pulser calibration is to determine the time delay for each pad. In addition, the obtained data can be used for diagnostic purposes: finding dead pads, dead channels or front-end electronics. 2.Simulation of events in a TPC chamber through a decay of excited Krypton atoms gives us a spectrum, which is later fitted to the model spectrum of Krypton from a Monte-Carlo simulation. The data obtained in such a way serves us to determine malfunctioning electronics in TPC. Thanks to the krypton calibration we can determine channels and create a map of pad by pad gains. In my talk I will present an algorithm I developed and results I obtained for recent calibration runs.