Topics and Scope


This workshop will focus on the problem of the appearance of QCD degrees of freedom in ultra-relativistic heavy-ion collisions as well as in the course of violent astrophysical events such as core-collapse supernovae and neutron star merger. A profound theoretical description of the underlying physical phenomena necessarily involves the equation of state and transport properties of QCD matter and nuclear matter, which are derived from nonperturbative quantum field theories and many-body physics of strong interactions.

The following topics will be discussed during the workshop:

  1. QCD phases and phase transitions

  2. Clustering and phase transitions in nuclear matter

  3. Nonequilibrium and transport phenomena in dense matter

  4. Hadron and cluster production in heav-ion collisions

  5. Applications to compact stars, supernovae and neutron star mergers




David Blaschke

(Univ. Wrocław Poland & JINR Dubna, Russia)
Paweł Haensel

(CAMK Warszawa, Poland)

Micaela Oertel

(LUTH Meudon, France)

Local organizers:

Tobias Fischer

(Univ. Wrocław, Poland)

Thomas Klähn
(Univ. Wrocław, Poland)



+48 71 375 9251

Three days of phase transitions in compact stars,
heavy-ion collisions and supernovae

17. - 19. February 2014     Wrocław (Poland)

   HECOLS workshop and XXXII Max-Born Symposium: