Complex Systems and Nonlinear Dynamics Division
Institute of Theoretical Physics
University of Wrocław

prof. Andrzej Pękalski

tel. (+48 71) 375 93 54
fax (+48 71) 321 44 54
email: apekal [at]


Institute of Theoretical Physics
University of Wrocław
pl. Maksa Borna 9
50-204 Wrocław

research topics

  • modelling of population dynamics on discrete lattices and in continuum,
  • magnetic phase transitions,
  • dynamic nets.

latest papers

full publications list
  1. A. Pękalski, J. Szwabiński
    Role of detritus in a spatial food web model with diffusion
    Phys. Rev. E 89, 052714(2014)
  2. A. Pękalski, J. Szwabiński
    Dynamics of three types of annual plants competing for water and light
    Physica A 392, 710-721(2013)
  3. M. Droz, A. Pękalski
    Model of annual plants dynamics with facilitation and competition
    Journal of Theoretical Biology 335, 1-12(2013)
  4. J. Szwabiński, A. Pękalski, I. Bena , M. Droz
    Food web model with detritus path
    Physica A 389, 2545 - 2556(2010)


47 Winter School Simple Models for Complex Systems (2010)
23rd Max Born Symposium Critical Phenomena in Complex Systems, 2007
41st Winter School Diffusion And Soft Matter Physics, 2005
XVIII Symposium Statistical Physics outside pure physics, 2003

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