Critical Point and Onset of Deconfinement 2016


Working Group Meeting of COST Action MP1304

Wrocław, Poland

May 30th - June 4th, 2016

Invited speakers

  • Joerg Aichelin - Transport theory for a plasma based on the NJL Lagrangian
  • Stephan Bass - Systematic Extraction of QGP Properties
  • Gordon Baym - EoS, neutron stars, role of diquarks
  • David Blaschke - Modeling phenomenology of critical behavior
  • Marcus Bleicher - Simulations of heavy-ion collisions with phase transition
  • Marcus Bluhm - From cold Fermi fluids to the hot QGP
  • Claudio Bonati - Across deconfinement transition
  • Piotr Bożek - Collective dynamics in small systems
  • Elena Bratkovskaya - Chiral symmetry restoration vs deconfinement in HIC at high baryon density
  • Peter Braun Munzinger - Particle production at QCD phase boundary
  • Michael Buballa - Inhomogeneous condensates in the QCD phase diagram
  • Takahiro Doi - Polyakov loop fluctuations in terms of Dirac eigenmodes
  • Wojciech Florkowski - Anisotropic hydrodynamics
  • Volker Friese - Future facilities for HIC
  • Bengt Friman - Chiral criticality: confronting models with data
  • Kenji Fukushima - New phases of dense QCD
  • Katarzyna Grebieszkow - News on fluctuations and correlations from NA61/SHINE
  • Frithjof Karsch - Status of Lattice QCD Simulations
  • Burkhard Kämpfer - Photon emission in the vicinity of a critical point
  • Volker Koch - Fluctuation observables in heavy ion collisions
  • Toru Kojo - QCD in stars
  • Larry McLerran - From Glasma to QCD phase boundary
  • Kenji Morita - Fluctuations of charges at the phase boundary
  • Swagato Mukherjee - Real time evolution of non-Gaussian cumulants in the QCD critical regime.
  • Marlene Nahrgang - Effective dynamical models for fluctuations at the QCD transition
  • Helmut Oeschler - Production of light flavor hadrons in pp, p-Pb and Pb-Pb collisions with ALICE
  • Akira Ohnishi - Approaches to QCD phase diagram; effective models, strong coupling lattice QCD, and compact stars
  • Anar Rustamov - Energy scan programs in HIC
  • Helmut Satz (Springer lecturer) - Horizons, Causality and Information Transfer
  • Peter Seyboth - Energy scan programs in HIC
  • Edvard Shuryak - Recent progress in understanding deconfinement and chiral symmetry breaking transitions
  • Huichao Song - Correlated fluctuations near the QCD critical point
  • Alexander Sorin - Search for a mixed phase of QCD at NICA
  • Johanna Stachel - Heavy flavor production as the signature of CEP
  • Hideo Suganuma - Interplay between deconfinement and chiral properties
  • Nu Xu - Limits on the experimental search for the CEP
  • Zhangbu Xu - STAR BES-I highlights and RHIC BES-II program