53rd Karpacz Winter School of Theoretical Physics


THOR COST Action Training School

Understanding the Origin of Matter from QCD

February 26th - March 4th, 2017, Karpacz, Poland

Karpacz Winter Schools of Theoretical Physics have been organized by the Institute of the Theoretical Physics of the University of Wrocław for over 50 years. They started in 1964 and with time they have evolved into a well-known international event. The idea of the school is to invite leading physicists from all over the world and give a series of lectures concentrated on a selected topic. This year's school "Understanding the Origin of Matter from QCD" is organized together with the THOR COST Action Training School, and is to be held in Karpacz, Poland on February 26th - March 4th, 2017.


  • Effective approaches to low-energy QCD
  • Heavy flavours and exotic hadrons
  • Lattice QCD
  • Phase transitions and critical phenomena
  • Ultrarelativistic heavy-ion collisions (experiment & theory)
  • Local Organizers:

  • David Blaschke
  • Krzysztof Redlich
  • Chihiro Sasaki (Chair)
  • Ludwik Turko
  • Sponsors: