Lectures and talks

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The Book of Abstracts:
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  • Giovanni Amelino-Camelia (Rome)
    "Ace in the river"
  • Michele Arzano (Rome)
    "Is purity eternal at the Planck scale?"
  • Aurelien Barrau (Grenoble)
    "Loop quantum cosmology"
  • Martin Bojowald (Penn State)
    "Results and applications of canonical effective methods in quantum theories "
  • Ram Brustein (Ben-Gurion)
    "Quantum state of the black hole"
  • Georgi Dvali (CERN/Munich)
    "Black hole quantum computing"
  • Laurent Freidel (Perimeter Institute)
    "Geometry of relative locality"
  • Kirill Krasnov (Nottingham)
    "Gravity in terms of connections"
  • Joao Magueijo (Imperial College)
    "Quantum Gravity and the observable Early Universe"
  • Krzysztof Meissner (Warsaw)
    "Soft breaking of conformal symmetry and the Planck scale"
  • Djordje Minic (Virginia Tech)
    "Relative locality, metastring theory and modular space-time"
  • Yasunori Nomura (Berkeley)
    "Black Hole Information and Constituents of Spacetime"
  • Daniele Oriti (Golm)
    "Group field theory renormalization and emergent cosmology"
  • Thanu Padmanabhan (Pune)
    "Emergent Gravity Paradigm: Recent Progress"
  • Roberto Percacci (Trieste)
    "Progress towards asymptotic safety of gravity "
  • Tomislav Prokopec (Utrecht)
    "Bounce from torsion in semiclassical Cartain-Einstein theory"
  • Larus Thorlacius (Reykjavik/Stockholm)
    "Black Hole Complementarity: The Inside View"


Andrea Addazi

" Neutron Majorana mass from Exotic Instantons"

Angel Ballesteros

"(A)dS Drinfel'd doubles and Quantum Gravity with cosmological constant "

Mihaela-Andreea Baloi

"Fermion production in magnetic fields on de Sitter Universe"

Stefano Bianco

"Phenomenology from the DSR-deformed relativistic symmetries of 3D quantum gravity via the relative-locality framework"

Jakub Bilski

"Scalar field in the cosmological sector of loop quantum gravity"

Norbert Bodendorfer

"Symmetry reductions in loop quantum gravity based on classical gauge fixings"

David Brizuela

"Quantum-gravitational effects on scalar and tensor perturbations during inflation"

Marcoen Cabbolet

"Berkelian idealism regarding properties in orthodox quantum mechanics"

Marco Finocchiaro

"The imposition of simplicity constraints in Spin foam models: prescriptions and implications"

Steffen Gielen

"Space as a quantum gravity condensate: quantum cosmology from fundamental quantum gravity"

Khrystyna Gnatenko

"Rotational symmetry in a space with canonical noncommutativity of coordinates"

Giulia Gubitosi

"Vacuum fluctuations in theories with non-trivial momentum space"

Igor Kanatchikov

"Quantum gravity at the Planck and Hubble scale from the perspective of precanonical quantization"

Marco Letizia

"Phenomenology of effective geometries from quantum gravity"

Jerzy Lukierski

"Quantum-deformed covariant phase spaces as Hopf algebroids"

Ilkka Makinen

"A new Hamiltonian operator for loop quantum gravity"

Antonino Marciano

"Area-law in loop Quantum Gravity"

Flavio Mercati

"Wormhole formation in Shape Dynamics"

Jakub Mielczarek

"Phenomenology of Causal Dynamical Triangulations"

Masaaki Morita

"Information-theoretic approach to inhomogeneous cosmology"

Giovanni Palmisano

"DSR Relativistic Compatibility Conditions For Theories With Curved Momentum Space"

Leslaw Rachwal

"Finite and Nonlocal Quantum Gravity"

Artur Sergyeyev

"Infinitely many nonlocal conservation laws for vacuum anti-self-dual Einstein equations with nonzero cosmological constant"

Ciprian Sporea

"The scattering of Dirac fermions on Schwarzschild black holes - a partial wave analysis approach "

Peter Stichel

"On the nonrelativistic limit of a self-gravitating pressureless and irrotational fluid with energy flow"

Piotr Sulkowski

"Knots and physics - once and again"

Stijn van_Tongeren

"Twist-noncommutative gauge theory in AdS/CFT"

Johannes Thuerigen

"Dimensional flow in superpositions of spin networks"

Vasyl Vasyuta

"Hydrogen atom in space with spin noncommutativity"

Antonia Zipfel

"A stability criterion for coherent states"