Plenary speakers include:

M. Błaszak
J. Cieśliński
A. Doliwa
M. Dunajski
S. Rauch-Wojciechowski
A. Sergyeyev

Scientific Committee:

M. Błaszak
J. Cieśliński
A. Doliwa
M. Dunajski
C. Gonera
Z. Popowicz

Conference venue:

J. Rzewuski auditorium (ground floor), building of Faculty of Physics and Astronomy, Wroclaw University, 50-204 Wroclaw, pl. Maxa Borna 9.

Organising Committee:

Z. Popowicz
M. Miller

*Previous Symposia held in: Poznań, Warszawa, Gdańsk, Białystok, Zielona Góra, Olsztyn, Katowice and Łódź.


(A tentative list)

M. Błaszak, Separability and R-separability of Stäckel matrices.
J. Cieśliński, Isothermic surfaces and their generalizations. New developments.
A. Doliwa, Generalized quasi-symmetric functions and Hopf algebras of trees.
Z. Domański, Coherence and squeezing along quantum trajectories.
M. Dunajski, Metrisability of Painlevé equations.
C. Gonera, Non-spherically symmetric superintegrable potentials.
P. R. Gordoa, On Painlevé hierarchies related to the Boussinesq hierarchy.
Y. Grigoriev, On the separation of variables for the two-dimensional integrable system with velocity-dependent potential.
P. Kassotakis, 2_n rational maps.
G. Kwiatkowski, Toward semiclassical dynamics: Green function construction through Moutard transform.
S. Leble, Reductions of Yang-Mills equations and mass via quantum correction.
A. Lelito, Group-invariant solutions of Gibbons-Tsarev equation and their applications.
A. Maciejewski, Dynamics of chains in external fields.
K. Marciniak, Classical and quantum superintegrability of Stäckel systems.
M. Nieszporski, From 2_n rational maps to integrable systems.
A. Pickering, Integrable systems and properties of Painlevé hierarchies.
M. Przybylska, Integrability conditions for deformations of radial potentials.
S. Rauch-Wojciechowski, Global dynamics of a rolling and sliding disc, asymptotic solutions, stability.
A. Sergyeyev, Dispersionless (3+1)-dimensional integrable hierarchies.
W. Szumiński, Integrability and super integrability of certain homogeneous Hamiltonian systems.
V. Yurov, The construction of exact solutions to the Cauchy problem for the generalized hyperbolic Novikov-Veselov equation.

Download the book of abstracts: [here].


M. Błaszak
J. Cieśliński
A. Doliwa
Z. Domański
M. Dunajski
C. Gonera
P. R. Gordoa
Y. Grigoriev
P. Kassotakis
P. Kosiński
G. Kwiatkowski
S. Leble

A. Lelito
K. Lompert
A. J. Maciejewski
K. Marciniak
M. Nieszporski
A. Pickering
Z. Popowicz
M. Przybylska
S. Rauch-Wojciechowski
A. Sergyeyev
W. Szumiński
V. Yurov


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