Wroc³aw University

Institute of Theoretical Physics

pl. M. Borna 9,  50-204 Wroc³aw , Poland

prof. dr hab. Robert Olkiewicz

tel. (+48-71)3759-369
e-mail: rolek@ift.uni.wroc.pl

Current interest

  • Dynamical of open quantum systmes, interactions of classical and quantum systems in the Markovian approximation.
  • Appearance of a classical world through the process of decoherence, analysis of the environment induced superselection rules.
  • Stability of entangled states of compound systems in different environments, measures of entanglement.
  • Analysis of quantum Markov semigroups for quantum systems in the termodynamic limit, hipercontractivity, log-Sobolev inequality and ergodic properties of such semigroups. 

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