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Below you can find the collection of lecture and talk slides given during the conference, ordered by the name of the Author. Only authorized files are displayed.

  1. Giovanni Amelino-Camelia "Hopf-algebra symmetries and cosmological neutrinos"  

  2. Gleb Arutyunov "Integrable eta-deformations Scale invariance, T-duality and modified IIB supergravity"  

  3. Michele Arzano "Deformed kinematics and Planck-scale dimensional reduction"  

  4. Paolo Aschieri "Cartan's structure equations and Levi-Civita connection in Noncommutative Geometry from Drinfeld Twist"  

  5. Angel Ballesteros "AdS Poisson homogeneous spaces and Drinfel'd doubles"  

  6. Tomasz Brzezinski "Noncommutative gauge theory of generalized (quantum) Weyl algebras"  

  7. Marija Dimitrijevic-Ciric "NC SO(2, 3)* gravity: noncommutativity as a source of curvature and torsion"  

  8. James Gaunt "Dirac Operator on the Fuzzy Torus"  

  9. Giulia Gubitosi "Kinematics of particles with q-de Sitter-inspired symmetries"  

  10. Machiko Hatsuda "Type II superspace with manifest T-duality and superstring action "  

  11. Larisa Jonke "Sigma models from Courant algebroids and non-geometric string backgrounds"  

  12. Tajron Juric "Noncommutative field theory on R3"  

  13. Jerzy Kowalski-Glikman "κ-Poincare as a symmetry of flat quantum spacetime"  

  14. Rob Leigh "Quantum Space-time and Metastrings"  

  15. Niccolo Loret "The interplay between Finsler geometry and curved momentum-space formalism"  

  16. Yongge Ma "Noncommutative Geometry from Quantum Cosmology"  

  17. Flavio Mercati "Covariant κ-deformed field theory in the language of differential forms"  

  18. Tomasz Miller "Causality for probability measures"  

  19. Anna Pachol "Observables and quantum spacetime"  

  20. Roberto Percacci "Quantum gravity, unification and NCG"  

  21. Danijel Pikutic "Vector-like deformations Minkowski space"  

  22. Artur Sergyeyev "An extension of R-matrix approach to construction of integrable systems to (3+1) dimensions"  

  23. Andrzej Sitarz "Twisting reality"  

  24. Zoran Skoda "Hopf algebroid twists for deformed spaces"  

  25. Harold Steinacker "Emergent 4D gravity on covariant quantum spaces in the IKKT model"  

  26. Valery Tolstoy "On the classification of quantum deformations for the complex D=4 homogeneous Lie symmetry and its real forms: Euclidean, quaternionic, Kleinian and Lorentzian"  

  27. Luca Tomassini "The DFR approach to noncommutative spacetime, from flat to curved"  

  28. Josip Trampetic "Equivalence and/or Quantum Duality of Field Theories related by θ-exact Seiberg-Witten map"  

  29. Kentaroh Yoshida "Recent progress towards the gravity/CYBE correspondence"