History of the Winter School
of Theoretical Physics in Karpacz
organised by
The Institute of Theoretical Physics
University of Wroclaw

Taken from: "30 Years of Karpacz Winter Schools in Theoretical Physics"
Copyright - Foundation for the Karpacz Winter Schools

The Institute of Theoretical Physics of the University of Wroclaw has organised, since 1964, Winter Schools in Theoretical Physics in Karpacz. Starting from a small scale enterprise it gradually developed into a school well known all over the world. The idea of the School, lasting two weeks in the second half of February, is to invite some 15 leading physicists from the West and the East to provide a series of lectures centered around a common topic. Since the traditional sources for financing the School, like our University, are running dry, we are turning to our friends and we inform you that we have created THE FOUNDATION FOR THE KARPACZ WINTER SCHOOLS IN THEORETICAL PHYSICS with the obvious aim to help our School to survive the rainy days that are coming. Your generous help will be highly appreciated. The money we wish to use mainly for: covering the living, and if possible also travel, expenses for the invited lecturers, creating fellowships for young participants (also from countries poorer than ours), financial aid to our students who, also for years, organise in parallel with the School the so-called Kindergarten in Theoretical Physics.

Karpacz the town of the Winter School in Theoretical Physics (altitude 700 meters above the sea level) is one of the most popular climatic resorts in the Karkonosze Mountains (part of the Sudeten). Karpacz is situated at the foot of Sniezka (1605 meters above the sea level), the highest peak in Sudeten. The town with its 5000 inhabitants, many rest houses, ski runs, nearby walking paths and forests around is attractive especially in winter.

It is situated about 140 kilometers south-west of Wroclaw.

A chair-lift goes from Karpacz to the top of Mala Kopa (1400 meters above the sea level). There are also numerous lifts for skiers around Karpacz.

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