Sala 422 12:15 

Tomasz Golan

Make your scientific software portable with Singularity containers

Containers allow to encapsulate software with all dependencies - libraries, data, operating system (OS) - into a single executable file. It helps to make your scientific packages ultra portable with a possibility to run them on any machine and any OS. During the seminar I will introduce Singularity containers, which are primarily used by scientific applications users. I will cover the basic concept of a software container and demonstrate how to use, create (interactively and using recipes), and share containers. Finally, I will present Singularity Hub and its integration with GitHub for build automation.

Mateusz Bancewicz

Simulations of fluid-granular systems with application to shale gas extraction.

In this presentation I will summarize two years in ShaleMech cooperation, a project that was devoted to the intensification of shale gas extraction. A brief introduction will be given, including an explanation of gas reservoir stimulation process and a description of utilized numerical methods (Lattice Boltzmann Method and Discrete Element Method). Then, I will show simulations that reproduce proppant transport in microfractures, which efficiency is crucial to successful gas extraction. A the end I will compare my approach to the one taken by my colleague.

Sala 60 12:15 

prof. Jan Rafelski, University Tuscon

Something STRANGE is Flying Around

Are there compact ultra-dense objects (CUDOs) in the Universe? A few CUDO candidates are STRANGElet = fragments of neutron stars, dark matter bound objects, micro-black-hole. Could CUDOs have collided with solar system bodies and the Earth? If so: the high density of gravitating matter provides the distinct observable, the surface-penetrating puncture -- shot into, and even through, a moon or the planet. Only a fraction of the CUDO kinetic energy is damaging the entry/exit surface regions. For such exotic matter each planet or moon is a macroscopic detector accumulating signal over geological time scale. CUDOs maybe recognized by the coincident impactor hit with a singular high atmosphere volcanic eruption. Rocky objects in solar system accumulate impact scars for billions of years. Asteroid belt could harbor captured CUDOS.