Sala 422 12:15 
Seminarium Instytutu

Vivek Thapa (Indian Institute of Technology Jodhpur)

Investigation of exotic particle spectrum in cold compact stars

Astrophysical observations provide the sole signature of high dense matter in the compact stars. Due to the restrictions in our terrestrial laboratories and hence insufficient experimental knowledge about the matter properties at density regimes higher than saturation density, it is very difficult and challenging to predict dense matter behavior. Hence, in order to do so, the modelling of dense matter equation of states, constructing the compact star structures and followed by constraining with the different astrophysical observations are inevitable. There are several compact star observable properties (mass-radius configurations, gravitational-wave signatures) which are directly or indirectly related to specific composition, phase and dense matter attributes. We investigated the possibility of (anti)kaon condensation and its subsequent effects on the properties of compact stars that develop hypernuclear cores with and without an admixture of $\Delta$-resonances working within the framework of relativistic mean-field model which enriched the conceptual understanding of cold dense matter inside these compact stars.