Sala 60 12:15 
Seminarium Instytutu

Prof. Joachim Truemper, Inst. Extraterrest. Phys.

(Garching, RFN) The physical properties of neutron stars

(W sali Rzewuskiego) Neutron Stars represent unique astrophysical laboratories which allow us to investigate the properties of matter under the most extreme conditions observable in nature. During the last 40 years observations of radio pulsars, pulsating X-ray sources and X-ray bursters have provided a wealth of information about their physical parameters like masses, rotational fequencies, magnetic fields, magnetic moments, moments of inertia, etc. More recently it has become possible to detect the faint thermal emission from their tiny surfaces. These observations allow to measure neutron star radii, which in turn constrain the equation of state of matter at supranuclear densities prevailing in their cores. The lecture by Professor Truemper will be preceeded by a short information about the new Research Networking Programme of the European Science Foundation on "The New Physics of Compact Stars" (2008-2013), given by Prof. David Blaschke.