Sala 422 14:10 
Seminarium Doktoranckie

Rafał Łastowiecki

The phase diagram of neutral quark matter

We will introduce the concept of the phase diagram in specific context of strongly interacting matter at high temperatures and densities. Step by step a landscape of various phases will be revealed leading to the discussion of the complicated structures in the high density moderate temperature region. In order to do so we will introduce the Nambu-Jonna-Lassinio model, a chiral quark model of QCD with the addition of diquark coupling channel responsible for phenomena of color superconductivity. Final goal is to discuss phase structured obtained and presented in paper: Ruster at al., "The phase diagram of neutral quark matter: Self-consistent treatment of quark mases", Phys.Rev. D72 (2005) 034004, arXiv:hep=ph/0503184