Sala 422 12:15 
Seminarium Instytutu

prof. dr hab. Jerzy Lukierski

Higher spin fields and extensions of space-time

On the occasion of my recent publication (S.Fedoruk, J.L., JHEP 02(2013)128;arXiv:1211.4546 [hep-th]) about higher spin (HS) equations in the presence of constant EM field I will present a minireview about HS fields. I will recall firstly important historical developments, and further describe the approach based on the derivation of HS field equations from first-quantized particle actions on extended space-time with auxiliary coordinates. In such a way one obtains the simultaneous description of all spins by one hyperfield on extended space-time. We shall mention different frameworks, in particular with auxiliary coordinates following from so-called Maxwell symmetries. Some problems of interacting HS field theory will be outlined. The relations with (super)string theory and the place of HS fields in the formalism of CFT/AdS correspondence will be briefly described.